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私が思う事 ThankyouSmile#12



東に向いて ご先祖様、両親に感謝

西に向いて 夫婦、兄弟、家族、親戚に感謝

南に向いて 先生 上司 に感謝

北に向いて 友達 に感謝

天に向いて 宇宙 太陽 月 空の自然に感謝

地に向いて 大地の自然 動物に感謝


Recently, I learned that worshiping the six directions wonderful hand in hand Facing the East Thanking my ancestors and my parents Facing west, for couples, brothers, families, relatives Thanks Facing south Thank you teacher boss Looking north, thanking my friends Facing the sky, the universe, the sun, the moon, the nature of the sky Thanks Looking down to the earth, thanks to the nature of the earth, to the animals I felt that it was really good.🎀

私が思う事 ThankyouSmile#8

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